While the municipality of Alta Floresta is vast, and the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is located in the middle of a 28,167 acre private reserve, an area 30% larger than New York’s Manhattan Island, getting around the urban area of Alta Floresta is simple.  The airport is less than 1 1/2 kilometers (1 mile) from the Floresta Amazônica and Lisboa Palace Hotels, and the entire urban area spans less than 7 km (4 1/2 miles) from north to south and less than 2 km (1 1/2 miles) from east to west.  The city has straight well planned avenues along the periphery and intersecting the city. Most tour packages include pick-up and drop-off at the airport; but, if you have time on your hands, Alta Floresta is one of the simplest you could navigate.  It still holds a little of its rough & ready frontier town character, so the usual safety precautions apply. 

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